World Bank MFERP Implementation Support Mission – 6th to 16th March 2018

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Infrastructure Rehabilitation - Education Sector

Reconstructed teacher's house at Sankhulani FP School in Nsanje side by side with an old teacher’ house that survived the floods

Rehabilitation of Matabwa mini irrigation scheme under Matabwa Water Supply Scheme

Beneficiaries of Matabwa IFA in their maize field

Infrastructure Rehabilitation - Water Supply

Villages supplied by water from Chapananga Water Supply Scheme Rehabilitated by the MFERP


Announcement of the commencement of cycle 4 of MFERP input for asset public works program

English Version - Chichewa Version.

2nd Edition of the MFERP Bulletin

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The Floods destroyed houses and infrastructure. .

The MFERP is assisting in providing standards for building back better.

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Malawi Floods Emergency Recovery Programme

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Ntchito Yobwezeletsa Umoyo wa Bwino wa Anthu Okhudzidwa ndi Ngozi ya Madzi Osefukila Kudzela mu Ntchito za Mthandizi za Malawi Floods Emegercy Recovery Project

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